The NEHMAP (New End Hunger, Malnutrition and Poverty) is a specialized Initiative of Economic Alliance Group, a Multidisciplinary Development Cooperation Solutions Provider including Volunteer Organization: International Society for Poverty Elimination – Sustainable Economic Development NGO; Reform Consultants: ER and Associates Limited – Development Cooperation, Economic and Strategic Change Management Consultants; Evaluation Consultants – CLEAR, Centre for Learning in Evaluation and Results; Research Organization: Centre for development Policy Management; Farmer Filed School; Processor Filed School; Enterprise Field School; Public Service Academy; Public Service Exchange; Youth Exchange; Retirees Exchange; Commodity Exchange; Functional Foods- Medal Nutrition Ventures; Agricultural Research Service; Agricultural Cooperative Bank; Agricultural Cooperatives: Crops, Livestock, Forestry, Fisheries and Aquaculture – Pre harvest, Harvest and Post Harvest; Health – Human, Plant, Animal.