Rethinking Development Cooperation etc

Rethinking Development Cooperation; Rethinking Leadership;  Rethinking Fourth Industrial Revolution; Rethinking Fourth Agricultural Revolution; Rethinking Development Finance; Rethinking Global Economy; Rethinking  Evaluation; Rethinking Development, Diplomacy, Defence, Democracy, Data and Digitization; Rethinking Communication, Rethinking Cooperatives; Rethinking Capitalism, Socialism and Communism; Rethinking Indicators: GDP, Corruption, Governance etc and Rethinking Multi Stakeholder Partnerships / Platforms, MSPs and Lobbying as Force for Good as Foundation for Achieving increasing Convergence between 2030 Transformation Agenda – AAAA, SDG, COP21, Agenda 21 Vision Intention and Reality is Key for Delivery on SDG Pledge by Target Date in each Community in each of 306/193 UN Member States.

This Demand all National and International Stakeholders: Politicians in Power; Politicians in Opposition;  Legislature Leaders; Judiciary Leaders; Top Public / Civil Servants; Top Religious Leaders; Top Traditional Rulers / Tribal Leaders; Top Labour Leaders; Top Students and Youth Leaders; Top Women and Girls Leaders; Top Community Leaders; Top Organized Private Sector: Micro, Small, Medium, Large, Multinational Enterprises Leaders; Top Media Leaders; Top Banks and other Financial Institutions Leaders; Top National and Global Media Leaders; Top International Institutions including UN System: UNO, WBG, IMF, WTO (ITO) Leaders; Top International Foundation / NGOs Leaders; top National Foundations / NGOs Leaders; other Top International Community Leaders adopting joined Up Approach towards delivery on 17 Goals of the SDGs Targets applicable to specific Community, Sub-national, National, Sub-regional, Regional or Global location context and in ways that assure delivery on SDGs Pledge by end 2030 target date.