ISPE EAG Comment on UN High Level Advisory BoardThe establishment of the UN High Level Advisory Board on Economic and Social Affairs, HLAB, is part of the UN’s effort to more meaningfully support 193/306 UN Member States (all currently Off Track in delivery on SDGs Pledge – No Goal will be considered met if it is not achieved by all Peoples in all Countries) to achieve delivery on SDGs Pledge in 12 ½ years remaining to end 2030 target date. HLAB is scheduled to meet twice a year with its first meeting during HPLF July 2018.

In the work towards achieving delivery on 2030 Transformation Agenda, UN DESA has been saddled with responsibility to first Re-engineer itself, so that it could be in much stronger position to effectively Re-position the UN Development System: UNO, WBG, IMF, WTO (ITO) Systems as One while simultaneously better supporting all 193/306 UN Member States to deliver on SDGs Pledge by end 2030 target date.