War on Conflict – Crime and Unsustainable Practices (3)

The Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs were agreed by World Leaders in September 2015 as ambitious Global Agenda to Transform Our World by 2030. The SDGs is a UN brokered Agreement aimed at making ever aspects of our World’s Economies and Societies, at each specific Community, Sub-national, National, Sub-regional, Regional and Global, CSnNSrRG, level truly Sustainable. As 2nd Quarter 2018 Year 3 of Implementation end, that is by end 10 of 60 Quarters it appears to be Motion without Movement.

ECOSOC Synthesis Report May 2018 being input to HPLF 8 – 19 July 2018 finding is that should progress towards achieving delivery on SDGs/SDGs Pledge (which states that no SDG Goal will be considered met if it is not achieved by all Peoples in all Countries) continue at current pace, current priorities and current direction, the Goals cannot be delivered in projected time frame.

This ECOSOC Report finding is saying in essence that all North and South Countries or All 193/306 UN Member States are Off Track achieving delivery on SDGs/SDGs Pledge by end 2030 target date.  This coincides with Independent Peer Review of German Sustainable Development Strategy Report June 2018; UK Parliament Environmental Audit Committee SDG in UK Report April 2017; ISPE/EAG Study findings and Study findings of other Institutions in both North and South Countries.

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