World Transformation Agenda – Technical Advice and Reform Consultancy

Many Countries are looking up to UN Agencies: UNDESA, UNDPAM, FAO, UNDP, UNESCO, UNICEF, ILO, WHO etc as well as World Bank and World Bank Evaluation for support to implement SDG and in ways that deliver on the SDG Pledge. Records show that these UN Agencies and World Bank Entities themselves need help before they could help Countries requesting their help. This explains why all UN System: UNO, WBG, IMF Entities and all 193/306 UN Member States are still in MDG Mode rather than SDG Mode as at 2nd Quarter 2018 Year 3 of Implementation. With just about 12 ¾ Years to do the much that remain to be done for many Countries to Catch up on the MDG and Press Forward to achieve SDG and in ways that Deliver on SDG Pledge, Quantum Peal Frog need to be made if all 193/306 UN Member States are to Deliver on SDG Pledge. Records show our Organization has the Most Advance Approach anywhere in our World today that could help all 193/306 UN Member States deliver on SDG Pledge by target date.