World Transformation Agenda – Globalization as Force for Good

The idea of Globalization was agreed by World Leaders as part of package of measures to ensure that there is no World War III. Over 70 years after it is clear that power configurations have hanged between and within countries. Yet World Leaders kept working HARDer PUSHING the same measures instead of working SMARTer adapting these measures to contemporary realities. The result is that these measures including the UN System: UNO, WBG, IMF, WTO (ITO) are now creating worse problems than they solve or are inadequate to address real and complex National and International Development Cooperation problems on the ground in specific Community, Sub-national, National, Sub-regional, Regional and Global location context today and it is getting increasingly worse as we slide into the future that may unchecked put our fragile planet in peril. Delivery on SDG Pledge greatly depends on Making Globalization and Governance Work for the Poor in both North and South Countries and this demand shifting from Globalization as Force for Evil to Globalization as Force for Good and as soon as possible.