World Transformation Agenda – Implementation and Evaluation Framework

The SDGs is All Inclusive, All Embracing and Ambitious Agenda. However, it does not yet have an All Inclusive, All Embracing and Ambitious Implementation and Evaluation Framework as at 2nd Quarter 2018 Year 3 of Implementation. This is because fundamental Implementation and Evaluation Framework Issues that ought to have been settled by end 1st Quarter 2015 Year of Decision are still outstanding as at this time. The probability is high that many of these fundamental issues will remain unaddressed by 2030, if 193/306 UN Member States Governments: Executive, Parliament, Judiciary Entities; UN System: UNO, WBG, IMF, WTO (ITO) Entities and their National and International Partners do not quickly face new direction and adopt new priorities and also get required levels of technical advise and reform consultancy support in each specific Community, Sub-national, National, Sub-regional, Regional or Global location context where they operate to deliver on appropriate SDG Goals and Targets.   Monitoring, Evaluating, Tracking and Measuring Results in National and International Development Cooperation Policy, Program, Project Interventions 3PIs represent a science, and there is no shortage of manuals, toolkits and academic resources about how research, monitoring and evaluation can be integrated into National and International Development Cooperation 3PIs, including monitoring and evaluating National and International Development Cooperation communication. It is important to understand where results are achieved and where they are not, in order to adjust each specific 3PI Implementation measures appropriately. Essentially, three questions are being asked in monitoring and evaluation: Are we doing the right things? Are we doing them properly? Are we making a difference? Monitoring and evaluation need resources in terms of time and funding. Lack of money or time should not, however, be an impediment to robust monitoring and evaluation of National and International Development Cooperation 3PIs. This should be considered from the beginning of the Implementation of each specific 3PI, ensuring that it is part of each phase as the 3PI plan implementation unfolds. The monitoring and evaluation component, however modest, must be considered, planned, budgeted for and integrated into the COMBI – CABS (Communication for Behavioural Impact and Changing Attitude and Behaviour at Scale) Plan at the outset. Specific indicators should be defined at the same time as monitoring and evaluation plans and behavioral and communication objectives.