Delivery on SDG pledge worldwide – FIRFAR

Fourth Industrial Revolution and Fourth Agricultural Revolution that Work for 8.5 Billion People in our World of 2030 especially the 5 Billion Poor: Children, Youth, Women, Men and Elders; is Key to achieving 17 Goals of the SDGs inclusive of AAAA as Finance Dimension of SDGs and COP21 and Agenda 21 – Rio and Rio+20, as Climate Change and Environmental Dimension of SDGs and NIEO – New International Economic Order as Political Dimension of SDGs.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution / New Enterprise Revolution and Fourth Agricultural Revolution / New Food, Nutrition and Agriculture Revolution and complementary Primary Revolutions and Secondary Revolutions need to be designed and delivered as appropriate or applicable in each specific Community, Sub-national, National, Sub-regional, Regional and Global location context, if all Peoples in all 193 UN member States are to meet all of the 17 Goals of the SDGs that apply to their unique and specific location context in the less than 11 years remaining to end 2030 target date.