Delivery on SDG pledge Worldwide

Beyond Ideas Concept Actualization

There is urgent need to move the SDGs from Vision and Words to Vision and Words with Action driven by Theory and Thoughtful Conceptualization with Practice and Action. It is pertinent to note that:-

  1. Answer to SDGs/SDGs Pledge WHAT Questions is Statement of SAYING What needs to be done that is set out in Vision and Words document.
  2. Answer to SDGs/SDGs Pledge HOW Questions is Statement of DOING setting out HOW What needs to be DONE Shall be DONE in a Vision and Words with Action Document. It is therefore 2 Statements in One:-a) Statement of WHAT needs to be Done and b) Statement of HOW (2a) SHALL be DONE.
  3. Implementing (2a and 2b) DEMANDS moving SDGs Pledge Delivery that is Just Ideas to SDGs Pledge Beyond Ideas Concept Actualization and within the limited time – less than 11 years remaining to end 2030 target date. This demands Quantum Leapfrog.

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