5PsDJ of SDGs

Delivery on DSGs/SDGs Pledge greatly depends on taking the 5Ps of the SDGs more seriously, noting that in this Pentagon People is at the Apex, therefore in moving from MDGs Mode to SDGs Mode, there is urgent need to meaningfully ensure 2030 Transformation Agenda Implementation and Evaluation is People centered; that National and International Stakeholders in each specific Community, Sub-national, National, Sub-regional, Regional and Global, CSNSrRG location context cannot Work Together to benefit Together in Design and Delivery of SDGs/SDGs Pledge that Work where there is no meaningful Collaboration, Cooperation and Cohesion with effective Coordination driven by genuine Commitment.

 This underlines need to promote and protect original and powerful applied development research on widening societal gaps, the growing power of elites, and how to drive political and policy changes for more equitable societies.

The Prosperity of the People must be significantly boosted and in ways that protect our Planet. This cannot be achieved without Peace. There must be effective Partnership if the 4 earlier Ps are to be delivered. 

Delivery on the 5Ps greatly depends on promoting and protecting the Dignity and Justice of the People, especially the Poor, that is 5PsDJ.

This is the overarching challenge NEHMAP Initiative seek to meaningfully support all relevant Stakeholders at each specific CSNSrRG location context to tackle effectively and efficiently and in ways that ensure delivery on SDGs/SDGs Pledge in that speifi CSNSrRG location context.