Action and accomplishment

SDG in North and South Countries – all 193/306 UN Member States

World Transformation Agenda: The SDGs is the World Transformation Agenda and unlike the MDGs affects all North and South Countries in our World today.

The 17 Goals of the SDGs are Integrated Goals ,that is, they are Interrelated, Interconnected, Interlinked and Interdependent.

It is Fail in One, Fail in All and this underlines the magnitude and complexity of work that needs to be done in the less than 11 years remaining, if all Peoples in all Countries are indeed to Deliver on SDGs Pledge which states: that No SDG Goal will be considered met, if it is not achieved by all Peoples, in all Countries, by end 2030 target date.

This implies that all Developed and Developing Countries, as at 1st  Quarter 2020, Year 5 of SDGs Implementation are Off Track and Quantum Leap Frogs need to be made, if all Communities in all Countries, are to Deliver on the SDG Pledge by 2030. This Demand URGENT Answer to SDGs Pledge Delivery in less than 11 years remaining to end 2030 target date, How Questions.

The root cause or primary cause problems of Inequalities, Conflict and Unsustainable Practises are Interrelated, Interdependent, Interlinked and Interconnected. Sustainable Solutions lie in meaningfully addressing all these complex problems as One and recognizing that Fail in One is Fail in All. Thus Sustainable Solutions lie in Fighting and Winning War on Inequalities, Conflict and Unsustainable Practises as Means to Achieve Dream of World without Hunger, Malnutrition and Poverty through Delivery of this SDGs Pledge.

Top Down Approach need to be complemented by Bottom Up Approach: Driving Correct Diagnosis, Correct Prescription, Correct Surgery and Correct Recovery Management, if Sustainable Solutions are to be Designed to Deliver on SDGs Pledge in each Community, Sub-national, National, Sub-regional, Regional and Global location context; that is in all 193/306 UN Member States be end 2030 target date.