Answering SDG How Questions

Answer to SDG How Questions in all North and South Countries

Delivery on SDG Pledge Worldwide – Overhauling Decayed Frameworks: The SDGs Systems, Structures, Procedures, Policies, Communication, Cooperatives, Cultures, Rules, Legal and Technical Changes Frameworks on UN System: UNO, WBG, IMF, WTO (ITO) Entities; 193 UN Member States Governments: Executive, Legislature, Judiciary Entities and their National and International Partners sides are in State of Decay. The difference is in the Degree or Depth. These Decayed Frameworks need urgent overhaul if 193 UN Member States are to Deliver on SDGs Pledge by end 2030 Target Date.

To achieve this, there are Fundamental Issues of Denial, Deception, Delusion; Correct Diagnosis, Correct Prescription, Correct Surgery and Correct Recovery Management; One Worldwide Approach to National and International Development Cooperation; Ownership, Harmony, Alignment, Accountability, Transformation, Transparency, Learning, Leadership, Participation, Productivity, Results, Measuring Success and related matters that need to be urgently addressed.

It is most unhelpful to continue maintaining that Changes in these Fundamental Frameworks could only be initiated by UN Member States or UN System Entities and not by Non State Actors.