Delivery-on SDG pledge Worldwide – Rethinking Development Cooperation etc

Rethinking Development Cooperation; Rethinking Leadership;  Rethinking Fourth Industrial Revolution; Rethinking Fourth Agricultural Revolution; Rethinking Development Finance; Rethinking Global Economy; Rethinking  Evaluation; Rethinking Development, Diplomacy, Defence, Democracy, Data and Digitization; Rethinking Communication, Rethinking Cooperatives; Rethinking Capitalism, Socialism and Communism; Rethinking Indicators: GDP, Corruption, Governance etc and Rethinking Multi Stakeholder Partnerships / Platforms, MSPs and Lobbying as Force for Good as Foundation for Achieving increasing Convergence between 2030 Transformation Agenda – AAAA, SDG, COP21, Agenda 21 Rio and Rio + 20 Vision Intention and Reality is Key for Delivery on SDG Pledge by Target Date in each Community in each of 193 UN Member States.

This Demand all National and International Stakeholders: Politicians in Power; Politicians in Opposition;  Legislature Leaders; Judiciary Leaders; Top Public / Civil Servants; Top Religious Leaders; Top Traditional Rulers / Tribal Leaders; Top Labour Leaders; Top Students and Youth Leaders; Top Women and Girls Leaders; Top Community Leaders; Top Organized Private Sector: Micro, Small, Medium, Large, Multinational Enterprises Leaders; Top Media Leaders; Top Banks and other Financial Institutions Leaders; Top National and Global Media Leaders; Top International Institutions including UN System: UNO, WBG, IMF, WTO (ITO) Leaders; Top International Foundation / NGOs Leaders; top National Foundations / NGOs Leaders; other Top International Community Leaders adopting Joined Up Approach towards delivery on 17 Goals of the SDGs Targets applicable to specific Community, Sub-national, National, Sub-regional, Regional or Global location context and in ways that assure Delivery on SDGs Pledge by end 2030 target date.