Director General


5, Shop Link Hotel Road, Temidire Adebayo Area, Nova Junction, Ado Ekiti, Nigeria.
Mobile: 234-8162469805
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Sex: Male   Date of Birth: 22/05/1962 Nationality: Nigerian

Personal Statement

An International Development Cooperation Consultant who through his unadulterated struggle for 35 years and genuine commitment and focus, use his God given multidisciplinary and multisectoral talents, especially in past 26 years to seek true peace, equality, justice, security and sustainable development in the world through helping to End Hunger, Malnutrition and Poverty Worldwide. Social and Solidarity Economy, especially Cooperatives is one of the Master Keys in the One Worldwide Approach to National and International Development Cooperation jointly Created by Lanre Rotimi (Nigerian) and Helmut Eggers (German and former EC Senior Official).

With background in Agriculture, Chemistry, Corporate Banking, Cooperatives, Stockbroking, Performance Management, Social and Behavioural Change Communication, Inclusive Communication, Inclusive Education, Change Management, Risk Management, Geodesign, Policy Reform, Public Sector Management, Political Economy, Monitoring & Evaluation, Human Rights, Service Delivery, Environment / Solid Waste Management / Water / Sanitation, Urban Renewal, Industry, Agricultural Development, Development Research, Development Communications, Development Economics, Development Cooperation; National Economy, International Development, Development Evaluation, Elections, Performance Management, Measures of Success, Procurement, Hunger Elimination; Malnutrition Elimination, Poverty Elimination his expertise has been developed at national and international levels in Strategy Development / Deployment; Policy Advise; Pro Poor Institutional Reform, Pro Poor Economic Growth, Pro Poor Belief Systems, Pro Poor Servant Leadership, Consultative Research, Training, Cooperatives Management, Strategic Change Management; Process Re-engineering; Productivity Improvement; Quality Improvement and Human Resources Management.

He is an enthusiastic, goal oriented, innovative and creative strategic thinker with exceptional facilitation skills. He is one of the leading Attitudinal, Behavioural, Systems, Structures, Policies, Processes, Communication, Accountability, Rules and Cultures Changes; Sustainable Development; Service Delivery; Servant Leadership; Multi Stakeholder Partnerships/Platforms and Monitoring and Evaluation etc Thinkers and Activists; Pro Poor Systems / Services / Institutions Reform Thinkers and Activists and Pro Poor Economic Growth; Pro Poor Social Justice Thinkers and Activists in Nigeria, Africa and Worldwide.

He is one of the Development Change Champions driving positive change in specific Community, Sub-national, National, Sub-regional, Regional and Global Development Cooperation system location context towards evolving New Research, Planning, Data, Implementation, Monitoring, Evaluation, Assessment, Learning, Leadership, Transparency, Accountability, Citizen / Stakeholder Participation, Results, Measuring Success Systems in specific Community, Sub-national, National, Sub-regional, Regional and Global level fit for the 21st Century.


Work Experience

1988 – Present: Director General
Management Consultant / Environmental Consultant / Financial Consultant / Social and Behavioural Change Consultant / Development Change Consultant / Development Evaluation Consultant / Business Process Re-engineering Consultant / Systems Reform Consultants / Cooperatives Development Consultant / National and International Development Cooperation Consultant.
Dunis Investment Plc / ER & Associates Limited / International Society for Poverty Elimination / Economic Alliance Group.

5, Moses Orimolade Avenue, Ijapo Estate, Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria.

Mobile: 234-8309531089

Education and Training

1981 – 1985 University of Lagos B. Sc Chemistry
Language: English

Personal Competencies:

 Hard Competencies: Learning and Skills – As Trained Scientist, I have Excellent Analytical Skills and High Intellectual Capacity to grapple effectively with Challenges the Expert Group will be saddled with responsibility to tackle effectively.

Soft Competencies: Character, Courage, Cultural, Communication, Attitude, Behavior, Discipline and Mindset – As Multidisciplinary and Multisectoral Professional, these additional Skills enable me to function effectively in a Multicultural Setting and Get Results. This is very helpful given the diversity of Peoples Cultures in each specific Community, Sub-Country, Country, Sub-Continent, Continent and Planet/Global location context.

The National, Regional and Global Integrated Innovative Sustainable Solutions within which Lanre deploys these Competencies are the most Advance One Worldwide Approach, that is sufficiently All Inclusive, All Embracing and Ambitious to effectively tackle National, Regional and Global Challenges facing all 193 UN Member States, thus helping the 193 UN Member States; UN System: UNO, WBG, IMF, WTO and their National and International Partners to Get Done, the much that remain to be DONE, in less than 11 years remaining to end 2030 Target Date, if all 193 UN Member States are to achieve SDGs Pledge Delivery by end 2030 target date and the much that remain to be DONE, in less than 26 years remaining to end 2045 Target date, if all 193 UN Member States are to achieve Global Goals 2045 Pledge Delivery by end 2045.