What We Do

To meet the demands posed by major global trends in political development, economic development, social development, agricultural development, national security, climate change, environmental sustainability, technology development, finance development, fighting corruption, fighting poverty, evaluation development, rights development, management development, service delivery, cooperatives development, agriculture development, enterprise development, communication development, education development, health development, functional foods, social and behavioral change, attitudinal change, development change, value orientation, conflict resolution, productivity development, equal opportunity, empowerment management, inclusion development, risk management, geodesign management, energy management and real challenges on the ground faced by 193 UN Member States in the work towards delivering on the SDG Pledge by end 2030 Target date, NEHMAP has identified Key Priorities on which it is best placed to intervene.

The setting of NEHMAP Strategic Objectives represents the main areas of work on which NEHMAP will concentrate its efforts in striving to achieve its Vision and Global Goals.